Fête celebrates authenticity, quality, and beauty in design. This curated,

global, online platform provides opportunities for artisans and branded

lines to wholesale their products to retailers.

This platform will celebrate each brand’s products and the creator’s stories.

Brands are carefully selected for their vision, taste and story behind it to

ensure a timeless and unique selection.

eM Productions curates, finds, and seeks for extraordinary, top brands with

a sense of identity, story, cohesiveness.

eM showroom has been in business more than 18 years, working with majors and specialty stores.

eM brings tasteful, timeless lines that offer something unique and strong to the market.


As co-owner of the Coeur trade show and owner of eM Productions, Lisa

Elliot-Rosas understands the need to present quality products that are not

seen at the shows or by key buyers.

Lisa also sees that several buyers to do not get to all shows—which often

last three days—and, even if they do, many lines can be missed. Also, the

line’s key foundation and story are not always seen at the shows. This

platform marketplace will allow all buyers to see products 365 days of a

year, 24 hours a day, without needing to attend trade shows.


* Gift

* Home

* Beauty

* Wellness

* Accessories (bags, jewelry, etc.)

* Lifestyle

* Art

* Books

(In the future, Fête will have a Core Basics category.)