Fête celebrates authenticity, quality, and beauty in design. This curated, global, online platform provides opportunities for artisans and branded lines to wholesale their products to retailers. This platform will celebrate each brand’s products and the creator’s stories. Brands are carefully selected for their vision, taste and story behind it to ensure a timeless and unique selection.

Fete is an on-line platform that will be a seasonal pop-up shop with top curated lifestyle lines.

eM Productions curates, finds, and seeks for extraordinary, top brands with a sense of identity, story, cohesiveness. eM showroom has been in business more than 18 years, working with majors and specialty stores. eM brings tasteful, timeless lines that offer something unique and strong to the market.



Sean McNanney is a Brooklyn based artist and designer most recently for Ralph Lauren Home.  Drawing upon his background in textiles, and inspired by the traditions of Mongolian nomadic culture, he has created a collection of quality throws, pillows and blankets dedicated to providing luxurious warmth to the curated home.

The SAVED collection brings old world traditions into the new with unique designs influenced by Victorian ephemera, French ironwork and early 20th century textiles.  Each item is hand-crafted in fine, sustainably sourced Mongolian Yak Down, Cashmere and Camelhair.  Designed to be loyal and lasting - A Warm Friend.


GARA Skincare is a unique collection of organic, herb-infused remedies designed to soothe the skin and heal the body. We honor the medicinal properties of these plants through small-batch preparation and custom extractions. 

Each batch is seasonal, distinctive, and handcrafted. We grow or ethically source all ingredients, and distill and process many of our own oils. We focus on sustainable, slow skincare and are involved in each step of the process. Sowing the seeds, tending the garden, harvest and processing herbs from our micro-farm and we partner with other cultivars for more specific or unique herbs. 


After an inspirational travel experience in 1999, I opened my original studio as an art space for painting, creating wood and ceramic censors, and importing incense from India. My love of incense led me to aromatherapy, perfumery, incense making, incense history, and teaching.

My formulations come from my dedication to nature, coupled with artistic motivation, beauty, and well being, with a strong emphasis on craftsmanship and stellar raw materials.

I work in Los Angeles and think of my space as a scent treasury, with attributes of the old world, a place to satiate olfactory wanderlust, where I can create and share products I make with natural aromatic materials.


Artists Joslyn Lawrence & Brian Kuhlmann are interested in identifying and archiving disappearing tree species and preserving them through the traditional landscape portraiture aspect of their work, most recently focusing on the effects of climate change in the forests of California, Europe and India. As a body of work it’s an ode to the temporal nature of all things, juxtaposing personal relationship to place with pseudoscientific observation and documentation, bringing the medicine of the trees through the visual senses.

The images from this series are printed with archival ink on handmade Japanese washi paper and hand varnished to ensure longevity- with a wish that each species of the trees themselves far outlast the archives.

Trees are sanctuaries. Whoever knows how to speak to them, whoever knows how to listen to them, can learn the truth. They do not preach learning and precepts, they preach, undeterred by particulars, the ancient law of life. -Hermann Hesse

In Wildness is the Preservation of the World. -Henry David Thoreau


Art has always been Rene Norman’s way of moving thru the world, whether it be via dance, painting, sculpting. She loves anything that invites the freedom of letting go, allowing and surrender.

Dancing taught her to move through space. Painting taught her to move across a space (the canvas). And clay has taught her to allow the space to take form. 


Thompson Ferrier is where fragrance and fashion meet to create a lifestyle of sumptuous comfort and style.

The candles are made by hand on 5th ave in NYC by Thompson Ferrier. Thompson Ferrier's products have surfaced a new age of olfactory emotions. Raw poetry. Raw essential oils.


Utility Canvas was started in 1990 by Hal Grano and Jillian Kaufman.

Utility canvas designs and products are a synthesis of Jillian’s background in fashion and Hal’s appreciation for the sturdy and useful canvas packs he used as a canoe guide in Maine for many summers.

Simple, practical, versatile designs that never forsake style. Utility Canvas products are all made of the highest quality materials and workmanship. The majority of our clothing and bags are made in the USA. Utility canvas products are sold through high end specialty stores throughout the US, and Japan. As we celebrate our 25th anniversary, we are proud to see our designs withstand the test of time.