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Conceived in Los Angeles in 2004 and manufactured entirely in California, TYSA is a collection of chic pieces meant to be dressed up or down. Travel is also an integral part of the Tysa story, I draw so much inspiration for color and prints through my travels. Amazonian greens, the orange of an Indian sunset, the red of the East African soil, and a Caribbean turquoise all mix flawlessly with more urban shades of black, brown and khaki.

  • Designer name: Tysa Wright

  • Name of company: TYSA

  • Year founded: 2004

  • Born: California Native

  • Current resident: Malibu, CA

  • Past work experiences: Started a hair accessory company at 15. made up of Hand painted feather butterflies.

  • Inspirations: I draw the biggest inspiration from travel, nature and my beautiful, creative and talented friends that inspire me on the daily.

  • Other interests: Travel, Hiking, Nature, interior design, music, organic farming, writing, and dancing in the rain.

  • Celebrities: Minnie Driver, Pink, Kate Hudson, Julia Roberts, Kate Moss, Dakota Johnson, Jennifer Lawrence, Nicole Richie.

  • Your favorite materials: Rayon, Cotton, Silk, Cashmere. I love natural fabrications and anything that feels amazing on your skin.